Mayo Horse Comfort

The Mayo Horse Comfort Stable Mat Range is made from high grade "Mayo Formulation" EVA. This is a closed cell foam and it will outlast and out perform every rubber alternate in every way.

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Mayo Horse Comfort

Mayo Horse Comfort


Q. How do you fit them?

A. Click here for diagram & instructions 

Q. What is the difference between your cow and horse mats?

A. As both cows and horses are pasture animals with the same requirements from a bed: Comfort, warmth, hygiene & durability. The Mayo Horse Comfort range of mats is no different for cows and horses. The only exception is the Mayo Eco mat.

Q. Why is the Mayo Horse Comfort Eco mat for horses only?

A. The Eco Mat was developed specifically for horses because horses are less severe on the mats than cows are. We were therefore able to develop a product with all of the mayo attributes using less material. The economy in material we have then been able to pass on in economy in price.